How can I go to Canada to study?

Canada has some of the best schools in the world, so it is no surprise that Canadians are some of the most educated people in the world!

There are nearly 500,000 international students in Canada now and the Canadian government is targeting even more!

What are the advantages of studying in Canada?

#1- You will be able to work up to 20 hours per week while studying!

#2- If done properly, a study permit can take 1-2 months to process

#3- Your spouse can obtain an open work permit

#4- Your children can study in Canada’s public school system

#5- After completing your studies, you are eligible for a Post-Graduate Work Permit for up to 3 years (assuming you take a 2 year program)

#6- If your ultimate goal is to obtain Permanent Residency, then Citizenship, graduating from a program opens a lot of doors!

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As an additional service to our clients, our founder, Ikponmwosa Obaseki, RCIC, PMP, is an authorized agent for Study Group, one of the largest student placement groups in the world!