Abibask Immigration Consultancy Services is an immigration company based out of Calgary, Alberta in the western part of Canada.

Our founder and CEO, Ikponmwosa Obaseki, is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who is authorized by Canada’s Immigration Consultant Regulatory Council to help you and your family immigrate to ‘The Great White North.’

Mr. Obaseki is originally from Nigeria but has been living in Calgary for several years and has adapted so well to a new life in Canada that his goal is to help others do the same.

As a lifelong learner with a degree from the prestigious London School of Economics, he had a long and distinguished career with the Nigerian Stock Exchange. However, he felt that life could be better for him and his family in Canada, so he immigrated and completed his Certificate in Immigration: Laws, Policies and Procedures. at the University of British Columbia so that he could start his own immigration business.

‘As a proud Nigerian-Canadian, I love to help people realize their dreams of becoming Canadian just like I did. Immigration is not easy and it is something most people will only do once in their lives, so it is essential to make sure everything is done perfectly and that your immigration strategy is the best possible. This is why I pride myself and my company on being honest, ethical, and goal-oriented to help future Canadians start their new life in the best way possible.’